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Scientists are exploring natural treatment options for keloids. Research indicates that some plant compounds and whole herb extracts might be valuable tools to block the inflammatory processes that lead to keloid formation.

Can Green Tea Catechins Help Treat Keloid Scars?

According to researchers, EGCG (catechin) compounds in green tea have a number of beneficial properties. Could these natural herbal compounds help reduce keloid scar tissue?

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An Herb as Effective as Conventional Keloid Treatments

Find out what animal and clinical studies say about how well gotu kola's herbal compounds work on preventing and treating keloid scars.

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Is Onion Extract Effective on Keloid Scars?

Onion extract has anti-inflammatory effects and suppresses excess collagen, but can it reduce keloid scars by itself?

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Vitamin D Could Help With Keloid Scars

Lab research suggests vitamin D has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects.

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What Effects Does Quercetin Have on Keloid Scars?

Quercetin has properties that could help inhibit keloid scar tissue.

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Is Vitamin E Helpful or Harmful for Keloid Scars?

Combining vitamin E with other ingredients may be the better than vitamin E alone in treating or preventing keloid scars.

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