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Can Imiquimod Prevent & Treat Keloid Scars?

Find out how imiquimod cream works to treat keloid scars and what types of keloid scars imiquimod may prevent.

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Topical Retinoic Acid May Help Reduce Keloid Scar Size

How does topical vitamin A (retinoic acid) cream work to reduce keloid scars? What are the potential side effects of topical retinoic acid?

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Flatten Keloid Scars With Surgical Tape & Wound Dressings

Medicated and non-medicated surgical tape and wound dressings dressings are a safe, noninvasive way to soften and flatten keloids.

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Tacrolimus Ointment Treatment for Keloid Scars

An immunosuppressant drug, tacrolimus ointment is a nonsteroidal treatment option for keloid scars.

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