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Prevent Ear Piercing Keloid Scars

Ways to reduce risk of keloids from ear piercing.

People at higher risk of developing keloids (e.g., those with certain genetic conditions, who already have a keloid, or who have family members with keloids) should avoid piercing their ears. It is also not recommended in children under age 11, since there is a reported higher incidence of keloid formation for younger children.7

To help minimize risk of keloids from ear piercing in all others, experts recommend the following procedures to reduce skin stress, inflammation, and infection:7

  • DO use surgical-grade stainless steel
  • DO use one pierce earrings without backs
  • DON'T use earrings that contain nickel
  • DON'T wear gold or gold-plated earrings for six weeks following piercing
  • DON'T wear heavy or long earrings
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